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5 – Don’t Focus On Your Past Failures In Prayer

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Problem Number Five.

5 – Don’t’ focus on your past failures in prayer

The Father knows us better than we do. When we are in his presence and He shows us ourselves there’s grace and forgiveness. So run to Him not from Him when you experience a failure in your prayers.

You are not alone— everyone I know has experienced failure in their prayers from time to time.

Now it’s very possible as you are praying for someone else, God will bring someone to your mind that you have a problem with. You may think to yourself, ‘I don’t have time to deal with that person right now.’ It clear to you, that the Holy Spirit is wanting you to deal with this issue right now.

You have a two choices, do I keep on praying like I never heard the Holy Spirit or do I stop right now and deal with the unforgiveness I have in my heart toward this person.

When interceding for others, expect the Holy Spirit to reveal things inside you, that you must deal with, so your prayers do not go unanswered.

I have learned to expect revelation to come while I’m praying for others. Learn to expect it.

Remember, don’t focus on your past failures in prayer.

—Cindy Warner






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