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3 – Don’t Focus On How Big The Need Is

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Problem Number Three In Prayer.


3 – Don’t Focus On How Big The Need Is

Let me illustrate with a true story. Dick was in Africa in the early 90’s with missionary friends who were holding a large evangelistic meeting. Richard Walters (the missionary) was preaching at this large meeting (at least 5,000 people).


When the missionary was finished preaching he gave an altar call and people came for salvation and healing. Since this was Dick’s first time at this type of meeting he was standing back watching the team praying for the needs. There were countless verifiable healings taking place—  badly crippled limbs being healed and ears being opened.

By this time one of the team members brought a young girl to Dick— he told Dick this young girl was completely deaf and had never heard a sound before. Dick had never prayed for a deaf person before. So he prayed for her— and after praying for her she sat on the ground— crying, laughing and throwing dirt in the air.


So Dick asked the interpreter what had happened to her. The team member talked to the young girl— then told Dick she had been healed. The tears and laughter were because she could hear for the first time in her life and she was over joyed!


Dick learned an important lesson that day. Back in the states Dick never prayed for someone who was deaf.


It’s easy to pray for a head ache, we have faith for that but what about deafness? It doesn’t matter— if it’s a headache or cancer— faith is faith.


“Faith comes by hearing, and hearing the Word of God.” When God speaks to you don’t let the enemy undermine your faith by putting doubt in your mind.


When Dick came home and told what he had learned that day— I have never forgotten it. It began to make a difference in how I prayed for the needs of others.


Remember don’t focus on how big the need is.

—Cindy Warner





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