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Plug Into The Power of Prayer

2 – Don’t Focus On Happy Feelings Alone

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 Problem Number Two In Prayer.

Don’t focus on happy feelings alone.

I’ve lived long enough to know and experience when I am happy my faith is high. I have also observed other Christians when they are happy— their faith is high.

We love to feel things don’t we? I know I do. When we feel his presence our confidence raises and we know he has heard our requests for others. When that happens, I just know that I know he has heard me.

But I’ve learned not to live there. It is enough for me to say, God said it and I believe what he says. At times my faith is childlike and simple.

When our faith is childlike, some times the enemy will come and say, “Did God really say”?

But when the Father makes it clear as day about what He said, I can rest in that alone— without any happy feelings.

Remember— don’t focus on happy feelings alone.

—Cindy Warner

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