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Focus On God

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magnify the Lord

Focus On God.

I talked about the five things NOT to focus on in prayer and now I want to show you where your focus should be.

These are some things I have learned over the years that I wish I would have learned sooner.


1. Focus on God. Paul the apostle often prayed for Christians to grow in their knowledge of God. It was one of the things he prayed often for the churches.

I read “The Existence and Attributes of God” by Stephen Charnock years ago and it’s a classic work on the attributes of God. In the Kindle version it includes hyperlinks to all chapters and sells for $.99 on Amazon.

Oh, to truly know Him and who He is. I confess there is so much more of Him I don’t know then I do. To know Him more is my prayer for you and me.

In our day and age it’s easy to focus on the state of the nation, the sate of our city, the state of our homes, etc. We can become discouraged and begin to lose hope when all we focus on is the negativity. Of course there is a time and place to speak about all those issues.

But when we go to God in prayer we need to see Him in a fresh way.

“And I will be for you as a father, and you will be for Me as sons and daughters,” Says the Lord Almighty!”

“I in them and You in Me, that they may be refined so that all will know that You sent Me, and You love them in the same way You love Me.”

When I began seeing God like this— I wanted to be in His presence.

I remember one time, I could only manage to say, “Jesus.” And it was enough for a powerful answer to prayer. I will never forget it— there wasn’t enough time to pray a “good prayer.”

Years ago a friend told me God’s telephone number— it’s in Jeremiah 33:3,

Call upon Me and I will answer and show you great peace and mighty things you don’t know.

Romans 8:26-27 says,

“A similar thing happens when we pray. We are weak and do not know how to pray, so the Spirit steps in and articulates prayers for us with groaning too profound for words.

Don’t you know that He who pursues and explores the human heart intimately knows the Spirit’s mind because He pleads to God for His saints to align their lives with the will of God? “

Everyone is weak from time to time and just do not know how to pray— thank God for the Spirit who steps in at those times.

Knowing we are a child of the most High God makes all the difference in the world when it comes to coming into His presence. Nothing is impossible with Him.

magnify the Lord

It is always healthy to magnify the Lord and not focus upon the problems of our lives.

“The more we magnify the Lord the smaller our problems will appear.” –Mike Herron

Remember as you go to God in prayer— keep your focus on Him.




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