New Hope Church of Carlisle, Pa

Plug Into The Power of Prayer

7 Marks Of A Praying Church

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1.  Most members have a strong devotional prayer life and are committed to praying for others.

  1. Church members have a biblical understanding of who God is and how they can relate personally to Him through prayer.
  2. Leaders are praying people and set an example of prayer for the congregation.

4.  Prayer is a way of life throughout the church. Rather than being seen as an isolated program, prayer permeates every ministry within the church and every outreach of the church.

5. Corporate prayer meetings are given high priority in the lives of the church leadership and congregation.

6. Spending time in the presence of the Lord produces humility, purity, unity, and compassion, and Christlikeness in the lives of leaders and the congregation.

7. God’s presence fills His house.
Perhaps the single most distinguishing characteristic of a “house of prayer” is that it is filled with the tangible presence of God. A lack of spiritual appetite in the congregation is replaced by spiritual hunger. Unbelievers’ hearts are converted by the life-giving messages preached from the pulpit. The spiritual objectives of the church begin to move forward, not so much by human ingenuity and hard work as by the supernatural assistance of God’s Holy Spirit. Striving ceases; it often seems more is accomplished with less effort.

by Cheryl Sacks

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