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Prayer – Cat and Dog Theology

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Cats and Dogs see prayer quite differently too. In fact, Dogs and Cats can pray the exact same prayers but have two distinct meanings.

Take, for example, the prayer, “Dear Lord, we just ask You to bless our church.”
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Read these two chapters hypothesizing there are two types of prayers. The first, Cat Prayers, are selfish and ask for the Lord to help them increase their own kingdom. The second, Dog Prayers, are spoken out of loyalty and love for the Lord to help them build His Kingdom”.

I know— I chuckled too when I read those words, “Cat and Dog Theology”. But the authors make a great point!

If you want to know what type of intercessor you are or will be then I challenge you to read those two chapters.

The authors used a humorous title to crab your attention but those two chapters show us a spiritual truth about the difference between two types of theology about prayer.

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