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Day 5 – Prayers for Your City

Pray for the welfare of cities


Day 5

I Pray For Unity In The Church And Restored Families

Holy Father please instill a loving and kingdom unity in YOUR Church and harmony among YOUR people.

Give us one heart and one mind to love YOU and one another. Help us in humility to tear down the strongholds of disunity and serve together in fulfilling YOUR kingdom purpose in this land.

Bring a heart of love, forgiveness and reconciliation to Christian families everywhere, including in my own family. Restore in us a steadfast heart toward You and a strong desire to b e part of building YOUR kingdom.

(John 13:24-35; John 15:12; John 17:20-22; 1 Corinthians 1:10)
Resource from BridgeBuilders




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Day 4 – Prayers for Our City

Pray for the welfare of cities


Day 4

I Pray for An Intimate Return To You In Fervent Prayer

Righteous God, give YOUR Church, give me, a burning hunger for YOUR presence and a passion for effectual and fervent prayer.

Draw us near to YOU, giving us clean hands and pure hearts. Lord, give us a hunger and thirst for YOU above all else. Transform the hearts of YOUR Church, transform my family and me, to become a house of prayer for all nations.
–Resource from BridgeBuilder.

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10th Benefit of Praying the Scriptures by Candace

praying-the-scriptures.jpg10th Benefit of Praying the Scriptures

10. Jesus will draw you close. I promise. In your darkest moments, grab your Bible, open to Psalm 34 and Jesus will meet you there. I have found that to be so true in my own life, time and time again. I come to Him desperate and He draws me in, whispers these words of comfort through His Word and I feel like I’m receiving a hug from my Lord. He just draws us closer to Himself when we spend that time in His Word.
I fully agree with Candace— I have been praying the Scriptures for years.Next, I will show you some examples from my prayer journal— how I pray the Scriptures.


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Day 3 – Prayer for Our City

Pray for the welfare of cities

Day 3

I Pray For Boldness, Holiness And Power in Christian Leaders

Mighty God, make alive YOUR Word and Spirit in our leaders with deep repentance, dynamic power and renewed passion n for YOURSELF.

Transform the hearts and minds of YOUR Church leaders, giving them a burning passion to seek Your face and holy boldness and burning passion to live uncompromisingly. –Resource from BridgeBuilders


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9th Benefit of Praying the Scriptures by Candace

praying-the-scriptures.jpg9th Benefit of Praying the Scriptures

9. Peace and comfort are yours for the taking. There isn’t anything in this world that will fill us with peace like God and His Word. I’m a words kind of girl…words encourage and uplift my soul like not a lot of other things can. But, the words of God? Well they are even more special to me. And when I sit for a few minutes at the start of my day with the Psalms, I am immediately filled with peace. God is so good like that.Tenth Benefit Tomorrow.

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Day Two – Prayers for Our City

Pray for the welfare of cities

Day 2

I Pray For A Spirit Of Brokenness and Repentance

Righteous God, please send by YOUR Spirit an overwhelming conviction of our sin, of my sin,and give us all a deep and sincere brokenness, and genuine repentance, turning us back to YOU and Your kingdom purpose.

Grant our nation and YOUR people a true godly sorrow that leads us to turn from our wrongful ways of living. Fill us with Holy fear and reverence for YOUR name.

Purify YOUR Church, purify me, for YOUR glorious purpose.

(Psalm 51:7; Proverbs 28:13; 2 Corinthians 7:1,10)Resource from BridgeBuilder