New Hope Church of Carlisle, Pa

Plug Into The Power of Prayer

God Most High

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Would you call the doctor to come fix your washing machine? You laugh— well approaching God is no different.

Let me explain. It’s so important when we prepare ourselves to come to God in prayer to acknowledge who it is we are coming to.

In the Old Testament the people of God came to know Him by His different names. The first name that describes God’s character is El Elyon.

This name for God (El Elyon)— was first revealed to Abram.

“Melchizedek is priest of “God Most High,” of El Elyon, and meets Abram so that Abram might acknowledge that the strength with which he defeated this army was God’s, not his own.

Melchizedek calls him “Abram of God Most High” so that he would know it was God, the God above all other gods and King above all other kings, who won the victory for him that day”.

There is no god greater than our God,

no higher power,

principality or



  • How have you been tempted to take credit for God’s blessings?
  • What can you do to acknowledge God’s greatness? 


Remember when you pray, you are making your requests known to the highest of authorities…you cannot go any higher.

Join me in praying:
“El Elyon, you are God above all gods, there is no one who is higher than you, the One who rules over the rulers of the earth. May every knee bow to you and every tongue confess that you are Lord forever. Amen”


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