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You Have the Time by Deborah Brunt

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You Have The Time

You have the time.
The ticking – that’s the devil’s whisper:
“Hurry, hurry, hurry!” He’s afraid, you see,
that if you stop, you’ll think of me
and know I made the time for you –
not to be master of your life
but servant to your needs in me.

I give you time, abundant time, to lift
your eyes, your heart and voice up to my throne.
because you’ve been so filled with me,
you’re overflowing with my love, my peace
and joy and faith and hope and – all good gifts –
you cannot help but sing my praise.
And yes, you have the time.

I give you time, abundant time, to work
my will in perfect peace – always reaping
as you sow, blessings – no regrets;
no wasted efforts draining precious
moments from short earthly lives.
My children always have the time –
the time to shine for me.

What’s more, you have the time to grow into
the new, true you that I foresaw – and then
redeemed, rebirthed and quickened by my blood
and resurrection life. Your spirit
has the time it needs, to learn, grow strong,
to lead, so all you are can honor me
in Spirit-given unity.

Oh yes, I give you time to praise, to work,
to grow, to live the life that I designed.
Know this: If you will take it,
you will always have the time.

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