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Pt. 3 A REVIVAL OF PRAYER NEEDED by Jessie Penn-Lewis

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Pt. 3 A REVIVAL OF PRAYER NEEDED by Jessie Penn-Lewis

 “The prayers of the saints . . fire . . cast into the earth”(Rev.8v3-5)

“Ye have not, because ye ask not . .”( James 4 v2)


But in the same chapter we have another aspect of prayer altogether. Amalek came against Israel in an attack. Moses did not “cry” to the Lord then, for he knew what to do.

Taking the rod of God he would stand on the top of the hill, and lift up his hands (v 9-I5), whilst Joshua went to the valley to fight the foe. When Moses’ hands went down, Amalek prevailed, and when he kept them up Israel prevailed. What was Moses doing? Surely lifting his hands against the unseen foe at the back of Amalek attacking the people of God.

To understand this you must remember that the Bible says clearly that God dealt with all these nations in such judgment, because He had a war with the gods they worshiped.

All through the Scriptures we are shown that idolatry is demon worship (see especially I Cor. 10 v 19-20) . At the back of the gods of the Canaanites lay the satanic forces, as to-day in every land where idols are worshipped.

When the idolatrous heathen attacked Israel, Moses did not “cry” unto the Lord, but stood on the hillside, and lifted the rod representing the power of God against the supernatural powers behind Amalek (see Eph. 6 v 10).

Here then are two aspects of prayer illustrated in these incidents – the aspect of supplication, in Moses going to God, and pleading for the people, “Lord, give them water!” and the other of standing with God against the foe, when he took the attitude of uplifted hands.

In the former God shows him what to do to get water, but there is a change of attitude altogether when conflict comes. Then he sought the hillside, and lifted his hands.

We might say: “Moses, why don’t you go and fight in the valley?” But he would reply: “I am fighting – Joshua is dealing with flesh and blood down there, but I am dealing with something else up here.

I have the rod of God in my hand. And in that position of unbroken resistance, Moses had to remain until victory was complete. It was not such easy work as his work of supplications for it meant prolonged suffering until the victory was gained.

At the end of the chapter the key to Moses’ action is given in the words, “The Lord is my banner!” In lifting his hands with the rod of God, Moses was lifting a banner against the unseen foes.

It is a striking picture of the two aspects of the work of prayer.

In Elijah you see the binding and loosing power of his prayer for a whole land, and in Moses you see the “binding” of the enemy’s power, and the loosing of water for the needs of the Lord’s people.


Pt. 2 A REVIVAL OF PRAYER NEEDED (Binding and Loosing)


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