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Why Did God Answer Hannah’s Prayer?

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“Hannah was a faithful woman of God, but she had cried out to God for a son for many years without success.

She presumed that she had failed to change God’s mind, but she did not understand what God was doing.

She lived during a critical time for Israel, so God needed a prophet to warn the nation.   He did not have permission to act, because there were no prophets and the priests were corrupt.

After several years, Hannah changed her prayers and cried out for a son who would be a man of God.   This was what God wanted, so her prayers were answered immediately.

Samuel was born a year later and went on to be a great prophet during a pivotal time in Israel’s history.   This pattern is repeated throughout the scriptures.

Before God acts in a powerful way, faithful people will be praying and giving him permission to act.” – Ron Mckenzie

I remember vividly when I prayed for Dick years ago— I begged God to save him so he wouldn’t embarrass the family any longer, that he would be a better husband and father but God seemed silent. Why wasn’t he answering my prayer?

Then like Hannah I changed my prayers and ask God to save him for His honor and glory and use him for His purposes and within a couple of weeks Dick surrendered his life to Christ. That’s what God was waiting for all along.

What’s your motive for praying— maybe you need to change your prayers.

“We do not need hundreds of people praying to persuade God.   We just need two or three people who agree with what God wants to do.”







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