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Why Did God Answer Hannah’s Prayer?


“Hannah was a faithful woman of God, but she had cried out to God for a son for many years without success.

She presumed that she had failed to change God’s mind, but she did not understand what God was doing.

She lived during a critical time for Israel, so God needed a prophet to warn the nation.   He did not have permission to act, because there were no prophets and the priests were corrupt.

After several years, Hannah changed her prayers and cried out for a son who would be a man of God.   This was what God wanted, so her prayers were answered immediately.

Samuel was born a year later and went on to be a great prophet during a pivotal time in Israel’s history.   This pattern is repeated throughout the scriptures.

Before God acts in a powerful way, faithful people will be praying and giving him permission to act.” – Ron Mckenzie

I remember vividly when I prayed for Dick years ago— I begged God to save him so he wouldn’t embarrass the family any longer, that he would be a better husband and father but God seemed silent. Why wasn’t he answering my prayer?

Then like Hannah I changed my prayers and ask God to save him for His honor and glory and use him for His purposes and within a couple of weeks Dick surrendered his life to Christ. That’s what God was waiting for all along.

What’s your motive for praying— maybe you need to change your prayers.

“We do not need hundreds of people praying to persuade God.   We just need two or three people who agree with what God wants to do.”








Pt. 2 A REVIVAL OF PRAYER NEEDED by Jessie Penn-Lewis


Pt. 2 A REVIVAL OF PRAYER NEEDED by Jessie Penn-Lewis


There are two aspects of prayer mentioned by James in connection with Elijah, to which Christ made reference when He was on earth, i.e. the binding and loosing of things on earth by prayer (Matt. 18 vI8).

Elijah closed the heavens, and he opened the heavens. Speaking of this power of prayer, the Lord Jesus said, “Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven”. The context clearly shows this to be the binding and loosing of prayer, for the Lord went on to say, “If two of you agree . . . it shall be done”.

We have come to the point now in service, where as workers for God we must get to a place of knowing God, and knowing this kind of prayer. We have not yet reached the prayer-point that will meet today’s need.

“He prayed that the heavens should not give rain, and it rained not for three years.” Then, simply it is said, “And he prayed again, and THE HEAVENS GAVE RAIN. This is all that James says about such a tremendous thing. He does not say, “What a wonderful Elijah!”

There is no excess of language in the Bible, but sober statements, with no exaggeration, but a calm, majestic omnipotence. When God does vast things, He does them quietly, just as He did in answer to the one who “prayed, and the heavens were opened, and gave forth rain”.

From this brief glimpse of Elijah, let us look at another picture of this work of prayer, or rather, the prayer that “works”. Let us glance at Moses, and his “binding and loosing” work in Exodus 16.

Israel was in desperate need of water, and in that need they began to reproach Moses, saying, “Moses brought us out of Egypt, now let him give us water”. Moses just went to God. “He cried to the Lord” for the needs of the people, and then the Lord told him what to do.

He was to go to a certain rock, and then “I will stand before thee there. . . thou shalt smite the rock and there shall come water out of it” (v 6). Moses did it, and there was water. In this aspect of prayer to meet the people’s need, note especially Moses’ cry, and God’s response.

Pt. 1 A REVIVAL OF PRAYER NEEDED by Jessie Penn-Lewis

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The House of Prayer

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The House of Prayer

“My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples” (v. 7).
– Isaiah 56:6–8

As Christians consider what the Bible has to say about worship, it is crucial that we consider what all of Scripture says about how we are to come before God when we offer up our sacrifices of praise.

This means that we must look at the Old Testament no less than we consider what the New Testament teaches. In so doing, we have to keep in mind that not everything done in worship under the old covenant carries over into the new covenant.

For example, we do not offer up animal sacrifices anymore because Hebrews 9–10 tells us that Jesus is the final sacrifice for sin.

Nevertheless, there are principles we can discern from the Old Testament Scriptures that can guide our worship practices.

The House of Prayer article continued here.

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FREE Book | Praying Effectively for the Lost

Effective Prayer

Praying Effectively for the Lost
by Lee E. Thomas

Chapter Titles:
1. Understanding the Necessity
2. The Biblical Basis
3. The Personal Factors
4. The Specific Requests                        
5. The Spiritual Warfare                       
6. Personal Testimonies                        
7. Making a Commitment                     

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Day 3 – Prayer for Our City

Pray for the welfare of cities

Day 3

I Pray For Boldness, Holiness And Power in Christian Leaders

Mighty God, make alive YOUR Word and Spirit in our leaders with deep repentance, dynamic power and renewed passion n for YOURSELF.

Transform the hearts and minds of YOUR Church leaders, giving them a burning passion to seek Your face and holy boldness and burning passion to live uncompromisingly. –Resource from BridgeBuilders


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Day Two – Prayers for Our City

Pray for the welfare of cities

Day 2

I Pray For A Spirit Of Brokenness and Repentance

Righteous God, please send by YOUR Spirit an overwhelming conviction of our sin, of my sin,and give us all a deep and sincere brokenness, and genuine repentance, turning us back to YOU and Your kingdom purpose.

Grant our nation and YOUR people a true godly sorrow that leads us to turn from our wrongful ways of living. Fill us with Holy fear and reverence for YOUR name.

Purify YOUR Church, purify me, for YOUR glorious purpose.

(Psalm 51:7; Proverbs 28:13; 2 Corinthians 7:1,10)Resource from BridgeBuilder

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Day One – Prayers for Our City

Pray for the welfare of cities

Day One

I Pray For God’s Mercy Upon Our Lives

Holy Father, I come before YOU in Jesus’ Name; I humbly plead for YOUR mercy upon my life, New Hope Church, Carlisle and this nation. Lord, help us to understand deeply and with a contrite heart that we deserve YOUR judgment far more than your blessing.

This nation has trampled on YOUR great Name, we have all compromised your Word, but we plead for YOUR mercy and forgiveness. –Resource from BridgeBuilders